Acoustic Floors

Sound Planning specifies acoustic floor systems which meet the requirements of each application. Sound Planning also supplies the BRC acoustic floor system which has been fully tested under UKAS laboratory conditions.

BRC Acoustic Floors Systems:

Suitable for new build or refurbishment and conversion of buildings, in particular multiple occupancy, Houses, Flats, Offices, Shops, Hotels and Nursing Homes.


  • 90 Minutes Fire Integrity
  • Meets ADE Requirements (see below)

A = BRC Multipanel Acoustic Panel 1200 x 600 x 30mm With Flanking Band.
B = Typical 18mm T&G Chipboard or Plywood Deck.
C = 100mm Isowool 1000 Insulation.
D = Resilient Bar Fixed @ 400mm Centres.
E = Two Layers of Acoustic Plasterboard Each 15mm Thickness.
F = Timber Joists 50mm x 235mm @ 450mm Centres.


Independent Site Test Performance:

Weighted Airborne Sound Reduction Index DnT,w 59 dB – Ctr (-4) = 55 dB

Weighted Normalised Impact Sound Pressure Level LnT,w = 50 dB


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